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We are one of the 23 Dioceses of the Anglican Church of Australia. Our diocese is a partnership of churches in 60 ministry units, numerous associated agencies and schools, covering most of south-east New South Wales, the eastern Riverina and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It stretches from Marulan in the north, from Batemans Bay to Eden on the south coast, across to Holbrook in the south-west, north to Wagga Wagga, Temora, Young and Goulburn.


Cootamundra sets up Easter teddies for the children

Lots of people in Cootamundra are putting teddies in their windows for children out on walks with their families, and so the parish of Cootamundra is taking the opportunity to...

Responding to Covid-19

Anglican Diocesan Services On Tuesday 24 March ADS and Anglicare staff still working from 221 London Circuit gathered – outside to ensure physical distancing requirements were...

Fresh in the Second Chair

‘How’s the new job?’ asked my Narooma neighbour when I arrived back for a visit after my first month in Canberra. I looked at him blankly. In the seconds that followed, the last...

Crossing the Aisle

On 3 March 2020 the clergy from across the Diocese gathered for their Annual One Day Clergy Conference. Peter Carolane from Melbourne, who has had a long involvement in youth...

Presence anywhere and everywhere

“And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” These words of the risen Jesus,spoken to his disciples right at the end of Matthew’s gospel, have particular power in...

Kaleen lends a hand in Cooma after the fires

On Friday 21 February a team from St Simon's Kaleen-Giralang-Lawson went to a property near Numeralla in the Cooma Parish that had sheds, water tanks, electricity lines, vehicles...

A Gathering of Clergy Spouses

Bishop Mark and Monica Short were thrilled to host their fourth meal for clergy spouses on Saturday 29th February. Mothers’ Union were fantastic, supporting the event. Members of...

And the LORD sent a plague …

Prince George: Perhaps this disgusting fellow is some sort of blessing in disguise.Blackadder: If he is, it's a very good disguise.?Prince George: After all, did the Lord not...

Meet the New Archdeacons

On Saturday 22 February two new Archdeacons for the Diocese were collated: The Reverend Rebecca Newland as Archdeacon for the Coast, Monaro and Alpine Regions; and The Reverend...

Responding to Change – Bishop Carol Writes

As I sit in my new office, looking out over the city of Canberra instead of the sparkling waters of the Wagonga Inlet, I have been reflecting on the impact of change in our...